CBYX AFS (Semi-Finalist)

I know that I’m a little late to the party, but I’m currently applying for a scholarship program called the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange. (CBYX) Just to give a short summary of it, the goal of this program is to let high school students (like myself) travel to Germany for 10 months to represent a U.S ambassador.(Same for Germany students to go to the U.S) It lets the student learn the German Cultural and language not only as a tourist but as an actual resident! The student learns the German Cultural and brings it back to the U.S to teach others about their discoveries, or what they learned. Moreover, it helps to strengthen the relationship between the U.S and Germany. This is a very competitive program because they only accept about 50 finalists per organization. Since I live in NY, I’m part of the AFS organization. While other organizations are CIEE (South East and Puerto Rico), ASSE (North West), FLAG (South West), and YFU (Mid US). Sorry if this sounds confusing, but it was about 2:00 in the morning when I wrote this.

Moving on, I began doing my application at the beginning of September, and submitted the first part of it around early December. This was great because the deadline was in mid-December. A month later, I got an email for my interview taking place in mid-February. At first, I was excited because I made it to the semi-finalist stage which is about half way there, and what I heard so far is that it’s actually very back-breaking to get to this stage. What I didn’t realize is how close I am until my face to face interview. The interview is about two weeks away, and all I can do is wait, dry-cleaned my clothes, watch videos on tips for my interview, and pray. I’m really nervous as these upcoming weeks go by, but I just hope for the best. I’ll be writing how my interview went, and hopefully giving good advice on what you can do to prepare for the big day.



4 thoughts on “CBYX AFS (Semi-Finalist)

  1. Hi! I will have an interview too! I’m from ASSE. Do you mind telling me what you’re wearing to the interview? A pantsuit perhaps?


    1. Hi there!… Since I am a guy, I’m going to go in a business attire. I will wear a white shirt: a red tie: black dress pants, and black dress shoes. I personally recommend going with a business professional look since you want to show that you’re taking this seriously. However, in my opinion I prefer to just dress in simple colors like black and white then just one single color like a pantsuit, but a pantsuit will do just fine.


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